Welcome to the Independent Galvanizers Cooperative website. The IGC, as it is referred to by its members, is a new and unique corporation formed around the cooperative idea. Its members believe this co-op has the potential to bring about a major change in how business is done in the field of After Fabrication Galvanizing.

The cooperative model is not particularly new. There are over 100 million people and 48,000 businesses in the U.S. alone that are members of co-ops. That being said, the IGC is brand new to the Hot Dip Galvanizing industry. Our mission is to develop and initiate agreements for materials and services using the joint purchasing power and market knowledge of our members. By uniting under the IGC banner, Independent Galvanizers can secure benefits, both in procurement and operationally, at a lower cost and more effectively than working alone. Moreover, certain products and services that are actually unattainable through individual efforts may be able to be secured through the IGC.

Please take just a moment and look over our website to learn more about the IGC. Under the contact area you will find names and telephone numbers of IGC Board Members, who can be most helpful in reviewing what the Independent Galvanizers Cooperative can do for you.